On Site, Telephone / Remote Support and Time & Materials Service.


We have over 20 years of practical computing experience providing computer support and PC repairs for a wide range of computer equiptment including Windows, Unix and Linux operating systems. Maintenance is one of our key strengths. Our engineers are qualified to provide a rapid computer repair and maintenance service for your IT Systems.

Mainstream will tailor your service contract to suit your business and ICT needs - our range of service for your maintenance includes:

On Site Maintenance

Mainstream can supply the traditional fixed contract approach to your ICT maintenance infrastructure.

Each item of equipment is covered on an annual basis at an agreed responce level for a fixed cost. This allows you to fix the cost of your ICT equipment and elliminates any unforceen bills.

We also have a loan facility which ensures that if a repair cannot be achieved within the specified time, a replacement will be installed to minimise downtime. This means that our customers opting for the maintenance agreement can benefit from complete peace of mind.

Telephone Maintenance & Remote Support

With the complexity of todays operating systems software, it's no wonder that problems can arise now and then.

Mainstream offer telephone and modem support where your software configuration can be inspected and maintained to highlight any hardware or software problems and ensure a healthy system. This facility can also be used to perform a general health check to ensure tape backups are working accordingly.

Time and Materials

Mainstream offer a time and materials service. If for some reason an annual contract does not suit a piece of equipment, we can come out and repair the offending article at an extra cost.

This may be usefull for non-vital pieces of equipment - perhaps for archival reference that does not require an urgent responce.