General Help and Advice,

IT Network Infrastructure,

and Project Management.


Mainstream provide the following consultancy services to ensure that the investment you are about to make is absolutely right for you:


Consultancy can be used not only to reassure your investment in IT but to ensure your current system is in top shape.

Mainstreams Consultation service is a Powerfull tool to verify your current system for security and stability, whilst also advising on any recommended modifications or upgrades.

Project Management

With today's fast-changing business culture, it is essential that the core system of your business is as up to date as possible, to ensure efficiency. Streamline and Integration are key to increasing productivity; when you have used consultancy to highlight any potential problem areas, they can be project managed to ensure a smooth integration into your current system.

Our competent engineers are capable of taking on each client's requirement as a task and documenting the procedures and methods used in the project for later reference.